Any modern day Indian kitchen is inadequate without a power-packed mixer grinder. Our Indian kitchens are full of flavors, exotic and aromatic spices, herbs, hot masalas, and chutneys and only a good quality mixer grinder will serve the purpose. If you’re a food lover and loves to cook then this post is for you. A mixer grinder is one of the best kitchen appliances or rather a must have these days.

A mixer grinder is a modern day electrical kitchen appliance used to mix different food ingredients together to cook food, make purees, mincing, chopping and a lot more. You can also grind pulses, grains, chilies, garlic, ginger, blending spices into a fine paste. You can also make fine paste chutneys.

Why you need a mixer grinder?

We are aware of the significance of mixer grinders in kitchen and food preparation. In the kitchen, every housewife comes with basic requirements for cooking and a good mixer grinder come handy dandy in the kitchen.

Home appliances like mixers and grinders are multi-purpose and they’re used for various purposes like Chutney, grinding daal, making a paste and grinding hard-shelled foods like nuts etc. It also helps to make food faster.

How to Clean Your Mixer Grinder

Every kitchen appliance should be cleaned properly as it is required for every day-to-day work. And it is required for proper functioning of the machine as well. If the cleaning or maintenance is abandoned and the mixer is kept using without perceiving the condition of the grinder, the efficiency decreases. Appreciatively, there are various ways to clean this small appliance. Irrespective of the type and brand of your grinder, these techniques will help you keep the mixer grinder in good shape.

 5 Tips to keep your Mixer Grinder Clean

  1. Stain removal using vinegar

Dark, sticky stain on the inner corners of the grinder is our common observation. The stain is not at all good for grinder’s life. These stains frequently come from masala grinding and juice making. What you got to do is merely add two spoons of vinegar in water. Drizzle this solution in the grinder and let it grind for good three to four seconds.

  1. Complete cleaning using baking powder

Baking powder is one of the premium things you can use to keep your grinder clean. Baking powder, with its cleansing individual qualities, help you remove the odor also. Take some baking powder and add it to water and make a firm paste. Let it to settle a bit. Now, smear it on the inner side of the body and leave the chopper for about fifteen minutes.

  1. Cleaning using lemon peels

Cleaning the appliance with lemon peels is one the oldest and easiest and cost-effective ways to clean the mixer grinder. With Citric Acid present, it’s effective and most simple way to maintain the hygiene level of the appliance Lemons is easily available as well.

  1. Remove smell and get the shine back using alcohol

Alcohol isn’t that bad after all. It comes with added benefits as well. You can mix the same with water to the mixture for cleaning purpose. All you need is to make this mixture and regularly clean the jars from this solution so that nothing gets deposited in the jar.

  1. Get the grinder back to working using detergents

Use the conventional way of cleaning the jars and the overall machine with few drops of your regular detergent which is used for cleaning utensils. Yes, nothing fancy. It’s that simple.

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